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Special Shape bricks

Architects and designers need not let their creativity be stifled by existing ideas of what a brick should look like. We invite you to explore the artistic impact that special shape brick can have on your design.

You can rely on our special shape brick to provide unique design elements – corners, angles, curves, slopes and other dramatic effects that go on to become signature pieces of residential and commercial architecture. We can also provide unique colors, making your next one-of-a-kind structure or blend in with its surroundings or existing companion buildings.

Special Shape bricks : All types of Baffle Tiles, Curve Tiles, Locking bricks, Furnace bricks of all sizes & shapes suitable for high & low pressure boilers of Walchandnagar , Krupp, KCP, Lippi, Isgec J.T, S.S. Engg. Boilers etc.